Saturday, July 10, 2010

For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it Matthew 16:25

John Stott at age 88 has written his last book, Radical Disciple. I think the last words people choose to speak publically should be taken seriously. The book is only 137 pages long and I have underlined numerous quotes – there are so many quotable quotes – that I would like to share with you, but you will need to read the book for yourself. I include one quote in this blog. In his last chapter titled ‘Death,’ Dr. Stott speaks of cross-cultural missionaries (p. 123):

The death we are called to die as the conditions of fruitfulness may well be less dramatic than martyrdom. Nevertheless it is a real death, especially for cross cultural missionaries. It may be to them a death to comfort and ease, and a separation from home and relatives; or a death to personal ambition as they renounce the temptation to climb the professional ladder, being content to remain in a humble servant ministry instead; or a death to cultural imperialism, refusing to exalt their inherited culture (in spite of its being part of their identity) and identifying instead with the culture of their adoption. In these and in other ways we may be called to ‘die’ as the means of fruitfulness.

Not a startling quote to those who live this daily. I think about those of you, who did not choose to serve where you serve out of selfish ambition – to become Lord over some mission – but that you chose to live the life you live because Christ’s love compelled you to do so. And in this cross-life of dying to self, you have found true life, and it doesn’t seem to be sacrifice at all.

I salute you. I am most anxious to meet your converts – from every tribe, language and people. I send you my love and

Love’s Prayers,